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SPAD: Simple Plastic Airplane Design

  •  Fun to Fly
  •  Easy to Build & Hard to Break
  •  Stable Flying
  •  Easy to Repair
  •  Fly within a couple hours  


  •  Low Cost 
  •  No special tools needed
  •  Friendly Service
  •  Choose Priority or Parcel Post Shipping
  •  We Ship Quick!


This is our 48" wing 40" body Trainer Plane.  "This plane will do it all, loops, rolls, inverted flight, whatever you want to do it is ready.  The more I fly it the more fun I have with it.  No fear of crashing because when I do it just bounces off the ground, I can fix it in the field and fly again within a few minutes.  What a contrast to balsa kits."  CC     

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Introducing the SPADboy - our Level 2 plane.  This plane has a 44" or 48" wing, it's your choice, with a 30" body and  the same  tail pieces as the 40" trainer body for a much more lively flight.  We built ours as an electric, you can fly the it with a strong . 32.  With the shorter body  this plane flies with authority and liveliness typical of most balsa planes. 

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The SPADflyer is very stable in flight and can fly slow enough for the beginning gas pilot to control or fast enough to do snap rolls, outside loops or keep up in a good old fashioned dog fight.  Proportionate control surfaces allow for slow flight while still giving the pilot plenty of control and stability for a confident feeling.  At higher speeds you can use your dual rates for control or just give it a little action on the sticks and watch it respond.  The SPADflyer is the perfect aircraft for any pilot or ready-to-be pilot of R/C planes.  If you have been waiting to get into R/C flying, but aren't quite ready to invest in a build-it-yourself kit, the space to work on it, the special adhesives and the tools to build it, this is the kit for you!

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We have developed a rating system for our airplanes so you know what you’re getting.
Level 1 – Easy for Beginners
Level 2 – Advanced Beginner
Level 3 – Intermediate
Level 4 – Advanced
Level 5 - Expert



SPADflyer - We're raising the bar for SPADs.  Come fly with us!

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         We are just a couple of guys who like to build planes and are offering these kits for others to enjoy.

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SPAD SPAD SPAD SPAD SPAD - the four letter word that's good clean fun!


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